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The Furniture Source is the premier Furniture and Mattress Store in the New Jersey area, now powered by QNE Furniture for Internet Sales. Extreme care is taken with your order. We offer “white-glove” delivery service within our designated shipping areas which includes door-to-door and room-to-room transport by our professionally trained personnel who will unwrap, place, assemble your furniture and remove excess materials in the appropriate room(s), and standard “curbside” delivery in all other areas. Some additional assembly on your part may be required. Our normal delivery schedule is Tuesday thru Saturday, between 7:00am to 5:00pm.

Your selected items will be deliverable within four (4) to six (6) weeks of placing your order, if not sooner, or at the time specified at purchase. Purchases including backorders will be held until all pieces are in stock, and will then be delivered in their entirety. Our trucks are out for service five (5) to six (6) days a week based upon area scheduling. To ensure that delivery is timely, you will receive a call when ready to arrange an appropriate 5-hour or less appointment window. QNE Furniture’s specialists will maintain Quality Control by inspecting your merchandise prior to loading for delivery in order to ensure your order is in perfect condition. If there are any problems with your order, you will be notified immediately.


It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect furniture upon receipt and note on the Delivery Slip any discrepancies in the assumed condition of the item(s). This is QNE Furniture’s only indication of responsibility for any damaged goods, and your satisfaction is important to us—so please, helps us help you!


If an item is observed defective upon delivery, simply and clearly note “DAMAGED” on the delivery receipt, briefly stating what item was damaged, or repackage it and refuse delivery of only the item that is damaged (i.e. If you purchased a Bedroom Set and just the Dresser was damaged, refuse only the Dresser and accept the rest of the set). We will forward you a replacement part or we will schedule an in-house inspection and repair by our professionals.


Once you, the customer has signed the delivery receipt in clear without any note, QNE Furniture is not responsible for any future found damage or defect. Customer has two (2) business days after delivery date to report merchandise or property damage claims. Approved claims will be issued replacement parts, serviced or delivered a replacement item. If a replacement item is not available, and the Manufacturers Guarantee applies, QNE Furniture will issue a credit for future purchases within 40 days.


QNE Furniture may file a damage claim on customer behalf and the decision will be upon the freight company claim department. Our delivery service reserves the right to send an inspector/serviceman to inspect/repair any claims.


Preparing for Your Delivery


Please make sure someone of legal age (18 or older) is home to receive and sign for the delivery at the schedule time; otherwise, a redelivery charge will be incurred.

Please make sure the truck can get as close to the proper entrance of your home as possible. If necessary, please have your car parked on the street by the time we arrive to allow access to your driveway.

  • Please restrain pets and make sure toys and other items are removed from areas where the delivery crew might walk. Our specialists will take great care in navigating immobile obstacles on the way to the landing space of your item(s), but we are not responsible for any damages incurred as a result of an unclear path.
  • If you want to clean the area where the furniture is going to be placed, please do so prior to delivery.
  • Delivery teams are not allowed to move existing furniture, setup electrical equipment or hang mirrors/ pictures, or in any way physically alter the interior of your home.
  • During inclement weather in winter months, please make sure your walkway is shoveled.
  • QNE Furniture, at its sole discretion, will determine whether it is safe for our delivery specialists to make deliveries. You will be responsible for additional charges due to any undisclosed circumstances that might place our crew at risk.
  • The customer must *guarantee* the purchased items will fit in elevators, through doorways and hallways, and around corners to reach the delivery space. It is your responsibility to note any special circumstance that affect the delivery as not to cause a customer delivery cancellation.
  • The customer gives assurance all items purchased for suburban delivery are to the lower level, first or second floors or for delivery through an assessable freight designated elevator and building.
  • The customer gives assurance all items purchased for a city delivery, including New York City, are to first or second floors or for delivery through an elevator building. There is an additional charge for any other type of delivery payable at the time of delivery and must be noted as a special delivery condition on the customer invoice upon placing your order. All special delivery conditions must be preapproved by QNE Furniture. QNE Furniture will not perform hoists.
  • If there are any times, codes, security, or other restrictions to the accessibility of your apartment building, please notify us in advance in order to avoid charges for redelivery if our specialists are turned away.
  • Please understand we deliver furniture to numerous homes each week with many circumstances constantly developing outside of our control, such as poor weather conditions, parking restrictions and traffic jams. These situations can delay delivery timeframes and dates. We will keep you posted!
  • We request 48-hours notice to make a change in your delivery appointment. If you cancel a delivery less than 48 hours before it is scheduled, you accept to pay a handling fee equal to and as an addition to the original delivery charge, or up to $150 if the charge was included in the amount of our original sale at the time of final delivery.
  • You will be responsible for a 25% restocking fee and all delivery charges (both directions) if your furniture cannot reach the designated drop off point or cancelled, and needs to be temporarily or permanently returned for any reason outside of our control. There are no refunds on items with failed, refused or cancelled delivery, but you can receive credit toward future purchases with the balance of funds after deducted charges.
Areas of Service
Delivery Areas:    
Central NJ
Long Island
Long Island Distance
North NJ
South NJ
All Other USA Areas:
By select trucking companies. Curbside Delivery. Additional charges will apply for Express, Oversize, Truck, or In-Home delivery, and longer transit times may be required, if available.
Delivery services by special arrangement.  Rates and times will vary depending upon location.  Call or email us for a customized shipping quote.  Quotes will not include any applicable duties, import-consumption or value-added taxes (VAT).
Warehouse Pickup Option
Once your order is available, you may want to arrange to pick it up at our Warehouse Distribution Center in Lakewood or Secaucus, New Jersey, rather than having it delivered. Simply inform our Customer Service Department and we will direct you to the items location.
If Warehouse Pickup is the option you choose, there is a Pick-up Rate of 80% of the shipping costs. QNE Furniture will place your items on our raised loading docks, but you will be responsible for loading your own merchandise into your vehicle.  Warehouse personnel cannot help you with the proper movement and securing of your items, and unfortunately, there are no packing supplies available there. Come prepared, and bring someone to help!
All packaged items must be removed from the docks prior to opening, but do still remember to inspect your furniture and boxes thoroughly before leaving the warehouse.  No damage claims will be accepted once the furniture leaves our location.
Delivery/ Shipping Costs
Delivery items are shipped from our Distribution Centers in Lakewood or Secaucus, New Jersey. Shipping and processing charges are intended to compensate our company for any overhead related to handling, packing, and delivering your purchase. Specific set up charges apply to Web orders only, and are subject to change. Our fees are always calculated on the lowest advertised price of each item, prior to any promotional discounts.
White Glove and Standard Delivery of your goods usually takes 4 to 6 weeks, unless we have it in stock, then it can take 5 to 15 business days. Your full order will be shipped out in 2 to 7 business days upon receipt from the manufacturer into our warehouse. Backordered items will be delivered with the entire purchase. Very few orders take longer due to special orders, adverse weather conditions, strikes, acts of God or other legitimate conditions beyond our control. We will keep you informed. Tracking information will be updated to your account on our Site. Our Customer Service department will call you to set up a delivery time when we have the items ready.
White Glove Delivery - delivered to your home to your specified location and packing materials removed.
Standard Delivery - delivered to your curbside - have helping hands available.