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We want to take great care to alleviate all of your concerns!  These are some of the most-commonly asked questions about purchasing from QNE Furniture.  If you have questions we have not answered here, please feel free to send us an email:
Q: What are the different styles of furniture that you offer?
Casual: Casual furniture caters to today's easy-living attitude.  Think over-stuffed sofas, carefree fabric covers, matte finishes, and a range of woods from oak, pine, and ash to maple.
Contemporary:Contemporary furniture’s focus is all about function. It encompasses all things simple, streamlined, and sleek.
Eclectic: Individuals with this taste appreciate a unique mixture of furnishings.  Typically, those who gravitate toward an “eclectic style” feel most at home when they’re surrounded by objects collected from around the world.
Country:People comfortable in a country-style home love the welcoming, heart-warming coziness these furnishings exude.  Timeworn pieces, distressed and painted woods, pump sofas with ruffled skirts, and a general trend toward mimicking the aesthetics pioneered by North American settlers are all characteristics of this taste.
Traditional:Traditional furniture leans on formality in every sense—from symmetrical designs and gracefully-carved curves to rich and mellow colors.
Q: How do I properly care for the furniture I received?
A: For proper Product Care, go to the manufacturer’s website and see what their specialists have to say.  If you cannot find your answer there, contact our Customer Service Department by email and we will try to help you with your specific inquiry.
Q: Where can I pick up my purchase?
A: Please see our posted information under Warehouse Pickup Option.
Q: How do I find a particular store’s hours and location?
A:Please see our posted information under Hours and Locations.
Q: How do I contact your Customer Service Department?
A:The best way to contact us is by email any time at You can give us a call Monday-Friday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM at (732) 886-6669 and we will direct your call.
Q: My delivery date was supposed to be today or in the next few days, or has passed.  Why has no one contacted me about delivery?
A: We are so sorry for the inconvenience!  Please call our Customer Service Department at (732) 886-6669 or email us at and we will solve the mystery.
Q: I went to another furniture store and found the band name, style number and color I want. Do you carry the item?
A: If the brand name is the one we carry and we have available the style number you want, we can get it for you. Just place your order online. If the style number is one that you cannot find on our Site, email us or call our store and we will help you find it or show you alternatives that will same you money!    
Q:Can I view the furniture I want at The Furniture Source store and then go online and order?
A:You can view products on line and order at the store. Feel free to go to the stores and talk to our knowledgeable and friendly salespersons - make a deal at the store or order online.     
Q: When will my order be shipped? 
A: White Glove and Standard delivery of your goods usually takes 4 to 6 weeks, unless we have it in stock, then it can take 5 to 15 business days. Your full order will be shipped out in 2 to 7 business days upon receipt from the manufacturer into our warehouse. Backordered items will be delivered with the entire purchase. Very few orders take longer due to adverse weather conditions, strikes, act of God or other legitimate conditions beyond our control. We will keep you informed. Tracking information will be updated to your account on our Site. Our Customer Service department will call you to set up a delivery time when we have the items ready.
Q: How will QNE Furniture make sure my package arrives intact? 
A: We receive the items directly from the manufacturer whose professional packer examines each item  carefully before shipping. Our delivery service team re-examines the merchandise before loading on the trucks for delivery to you. However if you find any damage to your item please contact us immediately and follow our damage policy. In most cases, some package boxes seem like they are nicked, dented or scared, but the item inside are usually wrapped or contain double box packaging to ensure your item is safe. Check to make sure.
Q: Do you ship orders by piece or full orders?
We ship full orders only, unless the customer authorizes a partial shipment for an additional shipping cost.
Q: Do you ship internationally?
Sorry, we do not normally ship outside the 48 contiguous states, but will be happy to make special arrangements. 
Q: Are additional item pictures available?
Any available images of the items will be provided within the listing. You can go to other websites to locate other pictures and Dare to Compare!  But most of them will be the same as we have. 
Q: Is the item available in different colors?
: If available in other colors / finishes, we generally list with items. If you have specific questions, please email us. We cannot guarantee that the color of the picture of the ordered item will match 100% with the actual color of the furniture. Pictures look different on different computers.  Every monitor is adjusted its own way.  Some monitors give darker and warmer pictures. If an item you ordered is delivered and seems a different color, it is not a good reason to refuse the delivery. Chose your color carefully! 
Q: Are the item new?
All our items are brand name, new and unused. Special clearance items may be floor models, repaired, special or out of stock items. Those items will clearly state this and are sold as is.These items may be on displace in one of our stores. Contact us for information.
Q: Is there a discount for purchasing multiple items?
At this time, all of our prices are set at the lowest we can sell our items for so no additional discount can be applied. There are some purchases that have more than seven (7) items to be delivered and may have an additional charge.
Q: Do you deliver inside my home?
White Glove Delivery is inside. Standard is curbside. To see these definitions and services, go to our Furniture Delivery section.
Q: Do you set-up the items you deliver?
Certain items require an additional set-up after our White Glove Delivery. Only White Glove Delivery can ask for a set-up. To see set up options, go to our Furniture Delivery section.
Q: Do you have a phone number I can contact you at?
Because we provide great prices, we spend most of our time making sure you receive what you orderd with our timeframe given. Please email us with your questions. Our Customer Service number is (732) 886-6669.
Q: Can I pay extra for expedited shipping?
All our shipping is expedited. We will do our best to delivery your items as soon as we receive them from the manufacturer, or in many cases, from our stock items.
Q: I just saw a lower price for the item I purchased. Can I receive a refund of the difference?
We will do our best to match the price for you if contacted within 10 days from your order placement. Please see our Price Matching Policy for details.
Q: My item arrived damaged / defective. What now?
Damages and defective items are handled on a case by case basis since there are several factors to consider when resolving this for you. Please be sure to read our posted Shipping and Damaged Merchandise Policies for details.
Q: How do I cancel my order?
Once an order is placed we contact the manufacturer to place the order. This is a contract to purchase, receive and accept delivery. There is no cancellation after 24 hours once an order has been placed. If it is still necessary to cancel, there is a restocking charge and shipping charge that will be deducted from your purchase prior to receiving a credit for future purchases. See our Cancellation Policy for details.
Q: My billing information is wrong for my credit card. How can I change it?
Purchases that are accepted by or interchange company have an approved address for use of the approved credit card sale. If you order is approved and there is a new address or delivery address, contact QNE Furniture’s Customer Service by email with the correct information including your Purchase Order number and items purchased. State what the problem or change is and we will make the proper changes to update your order. You can go directly to your account to update your information, but if your order is being processed, an email ensures we will make the shipping change.
Q: My shipping address and / or phone number is wrong or incomplete. How can I change it?
Send us an email through the Customer Service link located within the order.  You can go directly to your account to update your information. Please note that if the order is in delivery, it may be too late to change the information. We will however, do what we can to assist you. Any changes made to the address and / or phone number after the order has been shipped is subject to an Intercept Fee. Please note that changing your registered account information with QNE Furniture after you already submitted the order to us does not provide us with the updated information automatically. The address and phone number on your order does not change so you will need to be sure to contact us by email ASAP.
Q: If I purchase an item now can I have it shipped at a later date?
Unfortunately, we cannot hold merchandise for more than 7 days after we receive it from the manufacturer for future shipment. If an item is held for more than 7 days, there will be storage charges calculated at $20 per month per piece (no prorating). There is a possibility we can resell the item for you, but that item may become out of stock or even discontinued before your requested ship date. QNE Furniture requires customers to accept the goods within the time frame. Customer’s refusal for delivery in scheduled timeframe is as an unauthorized Cancellation.
Q: I received a completely different item from what I purchased as it states on my invoice. The style numbers are different. What now?
: While such occurrences are extremely rare, the warehouse may pick and ship the wrong item to deliver to you by mistake. Check your ordered item number against the delivered item to make sure. Unfortunately if the error was yours, we will do our best to help you after you accept the delivery. If it is our error, please “Refuse the Delivery” and email us. We will work to resolve this for you as quickly as possible.
Q: My order is being returned to you since I was unavailable to receive it at the time of delivery that I scheduled. What now?
Such returns are handled with a redelivery fee at a scheduled future time when we are in your area again.
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